Wind Creek Farm is the result of a lifelong dream to own and breed horses.

Wind Creek Farm became a reality in February of 2005. Located just south of Tyler in Bullard, Texas, the farm is 15 acres of rolling hillside and coastal pasture. Over the years, my mares produced futurity winners, World Class competitors and point-earners. I selected the best stallions to cross on these mares with the hope of competitive babies for the show ring.

My goal was to eventually produce an all-around horse that not only looks good standing but could also perform...and that goal was achieved many times over. Thank you to the people I have met, the new friendships that have been offered, and most of all to the those who bought and showed one of my foals. It has been a real joy to see something you bred and raised go on to a successful show career. A special thanks to my sister Kathy and her husband Todd Snodgrass who continually support and encourage this idea of mine. Its always better sharing with family! Horse people really are a special "breed"...

It is hard to let go of a dream. For me that time has come. The horses remaining are reminders of what a great time I had being a breeder and seeing some of my babies go on to success. I met a lot of wonderful people along the way and I want to thank all of you for your friendships and shared times. I especially want to thank my sister and brother-in-law, Kathy and Todd Snodgrass, who were always there with love and support. I am now "Gigi" and the farm will be the place where I can show my grandchildren the beauty of the country and my horses.  And of course, ride!!!! Thanks again for the memories.


Susan Norvell


In remembrance of my Parents

Susan Norvell

2196 CR 3802

Bullard, Texas 75757


Farrier: Ray Tomez